The 3rd Steering Committee Meeting of UBCG starts in Vienna, AustriaDeadline of session paper and presentation of Vienna Meeting

The 3rd Steering Committee Meeting of UBCG starts in Vienna, Austria

The 3rd Steering Committee Meeting of Ulaanbaatar City Group on Statistics for Economies based on Natural Resources (UBCG) started in Vienna, Austria on 6 August 2014. The meeting is hosted by UNIDO and brings together 24 delegates from 9 countries and international organisations. The delegates headed by the Senior Vice-Chairman of the National Statistical Office B. Badamtsetseg are attending the event.

The Deputy to the Director General of UNIDO Mr.Taizo Nishikawa opened the meeting and highlighted the importance of the work of UBCG for development of statistics to measure sustainable development. Following Mr. Taizo Nishikawa the welcoming remarks were made by Mr. Shyam Upadhyaya from UNIDO, Mrs. Badamtsetseg from NSO Mongolia and Mr. Bruce Hockman from Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

The meeting has six sessions; Country progress reports, Economic statistical indicators, Social statistical indicators, Environmental statistical indicators, Discussion on Glossary and Discussion on Handbook.

The Mongolian delegates will make 5 presentations under the sessions of Country progress reports, Economic statistical indicators, Social economic indicators and Environmental statistical indicators.

On the first day of the meeting the country progress reports and economic statistical indicators have been discussed. The session on country progress reports has covered three main areas:

  • UNIDO’ s actions on indicators, definitions, related publications and priorities for UBCG;
  • UBCG progress and progress of work by NSO Mongolia; and
  • Country progress on compiling a report on impacts of mining on economy, society and environment: Mexico, Kazakhstan and China.

UNIDO’s presentation focused on statistical indicators for mining and quarrying and related definitions, recent publications related to the industry and priorities of UBCG for future actions. Mexico’s presentation “Impact of mining on the economic, social and environmental issues in Mexico” has demonstrated progress made by Mexico, conceptual framework (SNA, SEEA), methodologies (indicator, objective, definition, estimation) supported by examples and sources of information such as SNA, SEEA and surveys. Kazakhstan has emphasized mining contribution to the country’s economy and China has made a presentation on China’s work on mining industry statistics and environmental statistics.

The Steering committee meeting will continue to 8 August 2014.

Deadline of session paper and presentation of Vienna Meeting

We would like to remind you that deadline of session paper and power point presentation submission of Vienna Meeting was the July 1st according to the Call for Paper. So, please send us the presentation/s that you would present on Vienna Meeting as soon as possible.
UBCG team