Draft list of Participants and Topics of 3rd Steering Committee Meeting of the UBCGA report of Mexico

Draft list of Participants and Topics of 3rd Steering Committee Meeting of the UBCG

 Name of participants
 Presentation topic
1 Mr. Alexander Goncharov RUSSIAN FEDERATION Classifications used in Russian energy statistics
2 Mr. Raul Figueroa MEXICO Impact of mining on the economic, social and environmental sectors in Mexico
3 Ms. Dina Suleimanova KAZAKHSTAN 1. Influence of mining on economic development of Kazakhstan
4 Yermek Kalas 2. Statistics in the field of environment protection in the Republic of Kazakhstan
5 Ms. Gulmira Karimova 3. Mining in Kazakhstan: Impact on labor market and wages
6 Ms. Gulmira Maldybayeva
7 Duong Nguyen Thuy VIETNAM  
8 Ms. Yingting Chen CHINA The Reform and Progress in China's Statistical work on Mining Industry
9 Mr. Paul Roberts AUSTRALIA 1. Measuring Subsoil assets in Australia
10 Mr. Bruce Hockman 2. Environment accounts in Australia
11 Mrs.Erdenesan Eldev-Ochir MONGOLIA 1. Progress report of UBCG
12 Mrs Oyunbileg Delgersaikhan 2. Impact of the mining industry on the Economy of Mongolia
13 Mrs Badamtsetseg Batjargal 3. Impact of the mining industry on the Social sector of Mongolia
14 Mrs  Altantsetseg Sodnomtseren 4. Contribution from UBCG to SEEA
15  Mr. Valentin Todorov UNIDO Dissemination of World statistics of Mining and Utilities: the new UNIDO database
16 Mr. Shyam UPADHYAYA
17 Mr. Saleh Mohammed Taha GOIC  
18   IMF Revenues from Natural Resources

A report of Mexico

 Please have a look at the excellent report from Mexico. I will take advantage of the meeting to share among you a report of the advances that Mexico has in the develop of indicators related to the impacts of mining over society and the environment.

click here to see: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b5i9grjyc41aw4s/Report%20INEGI_UCG.pdf?m=